covid-19 home school work

Student Work Information

Due to the current situation all students must adhere to the following instructions to complete school work from home.


Each student must log into

If you are already signed up for Edmodo, great! Double check to make sure your classes match with your grade level. If you are in the wrong class, delete yourself from the class and add yourself to the correct class.

If you don’t have Edmodo at all, follow these easy steps:

  1. Open your web browser and type “”
  2. Hit the “sign up” button and sign up as a student. (It is 100% free, so if you’re being asked to pay anything, you’re in the wrong spot.)
  3. During the sign up process it’ll prompt you to add a “class code,” pick any code from your grade level.
  4. Once you’re signed up, the screen will bring you to a home screen.
  5. At the top of the screen there is a tab with the word “classes”. Click that and find the blue button with a plus sign.
  6. Add all of your classes until you’re done.


We want to know that our students are working actively, daily (Monday-Friday). Students are required to sign into Edmodo every weekday BY 9:00 AM so that their attendance is taken. On your Edmodo home screen it gives you the option to type a note. This is how attendance will be taken. Let us know that you’re in class virtually!

It is very important to check this system DAILY; there will be projects, assignments and updates throughout the next month uploaded here. Daily attendance is also very important. 


Questions, special projects and online assignments can be turned in via email (

You can find all Edmodo codes below.

Elementary Edmodo Codes PreK – 5

Math – 6sz3t6

ELA – enva3f

Science – wjjj8x

Social Studies – aaajw2

Spiritual Development – pvxdhr

Middle School Edmodo Codes 6 – 8th

Math – 7k2fha

ELA – 46mi3s

Science – bn4fmy

Social Studies – dspujy

Spiritual Development – pvxdhr

High School Edmodo Codes 9 – 12th

Math – 5a29ns

Science – eqkz88

ELA – he9t6s

History – qqpse4

Spiritual Development – qsz5i9